My parents ran a 24-hour dairy made up of mostly F1 cows, Brahman-Holstein. They were milked once a day by hand and most of the steers were retained till slaughter. I ran a cow/calf operation in Mexico of cross-bred cows with Brahman influence. In 1991, I moved to the United States and started importing roping cattle. I leased, raised and roped them for twenty years, until I decided to go back to the beef business. For that reason I selected problem free, easy keeping and most profitable breed i know: Red Angus, the best breed in the industry.

Rocking JE:

The JE letters came form Jorge & Estela Zermeno, my parents, and Elizabeth & Javier Zermeno, my first two kids.
Then came: Estephanie, Justin, Jerry & Jakelin.




Estephanie & Justin